"View from Gowlland Point" Original reduction linocut print

gowllandpt wtrmk.jpg
gowllandpt wtrmk.jpg

"View from Gowlland Point" Original reduction linocut print


View from Gowlland Pt, Pender Isld., BC
Limited edition 4 color reduction linocut print.  Image size with title: 11" x 14"
Print edition: 10      Date: Dec 2013
Paper: Rives BFK lightweight, white
Ink: Caligo Ink

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Pender Island, BC lies just NNW of San Juan Island in Washington state.  It is one of the southern gulf islands of British Columbia, Canada and the first point of entry for small vessels traveling north from the San Juan Islands.   The Gulf Islands are similar in their hilly, rocky, wooded terrain but each island offers it's own unique community culture.  People come to the island to hike, bike, kayak, golf, disc golf, fish, SCUBA dive, browse the galleries, etc.  We  also have an organic winery which has wine tasting and art/music festivals during the summer.  
The views from many places here are stunning.  This print is from a sketch done at Gowlland Point on the south island.  You can often see Mt. Baker peaking out of the clouds or in full on a clear day.

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A reduction print is a print using one print block what is carved repeatedly depending upon how many colors will be used. White areas in the print is the first to be carved out of the print block. The next lightest color will be printed, then those areas will be carved out and the next color printed. This process is repeated until the last color is printed.  Because of this reductive method of printing, the whole edition needs to be printed at once. At the end of the print run, the block is completely destroyed. 

Shipping weight is between 0.50 and 0.75 lbs which includes protective packagings.