"Observation Hill, Antarctica" Original reduction linocut print

ob hill wtrmk.jpg
ob hill wtrmk.jpg

"Observation Hill, Antarctica" Original reduction linocut print


9 color reduction linoleum block print.
Hand printed and signed by the artist.
Image size: 5.5" x 9"
Paper size: 9" x 12"
Paper: Hosho White
Ink: Caligo oil based ink
Print Edition:  19

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Observation Hill is located on Ross Island, Antarctica.  This view is from a sketch I made while working in Antarctica last year.  There was significant cloud cover which makes the light very flat.  In the background is the sea ice and the Royal Society Mountain range.  
Reduction printing is done with one block.  The whites are carved out first and lightest color printed. The areas of color you want to keep is carved out and the next color printed until the darkest color is printed.  This print was carved and printed 9 times.

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A reduction print is a print using one print block what is carved repeatedly depending upon how many colors will be used. White areas in the print is the first to be carved out of the print block. The next lightest color will be printed, then those areas will be carved out and the next color printed. This process is repeated until the last color is printed.  Because of this reductive method of printing, the whole edition needs to be printed at once. At the end of the print run, the block is completely destroyed.