"Brooks Range from Toolik Lake", Original reduction linocut print

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"Brooks Range from Toolik Lake", Original reduction linocut print


This 10 color reduction linocut print is from a sketch made while working at Toolik Field Station in the North slopes of Alaska. The Brooks Range is south of the station while the colorful tundra continues North until it meets the Arctic ocean.
Image size: 5" x 11", printed on white washi rice paper with Caligo oil based inks. 

This last print of the edition is an Artist’s Proof print. It is the same quality as the prints in the edition. I usually print a few artist’s proof prints on different paper to see the difference in color. This washi paper is white and brings out the brightness of the colors even more.
Edition size: 8    Date: March 2016
Each print is hand printed and signed. 

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A reduction print is a print using one print block what is carved repeatedly depending upon how many colors will be used. White areas in the print is the first to be carved out of the print block. The next lightest color will be printed, then those areas will be carved out and the next color printed. This process is repeated until the last color is printed.  Because of this reductive method of printing, the whole edition needs to be printed at once. At the end of the print run, the block is completely destroyed.