I began printmaking using carved potatoes and cut out sponges.   In 1986, I graduated from Pacific NW College of Art with a BFA in painting/drawing with a minor in printmaking.  At PNCA various printmaking techniques were explored: woodcuts, linocuts, etchings, screen printing, and lithography.  Woodcut was my favored medium, although, as traveling became my lifestyle, linoleum proved to be a stable medium to work with. 

In 2000, I left my job in Antarctica for a full-time life of sailing with my partner.  My first passage was from Fiji to New Zealand and it was eventful with rolling seas as high as the mast to glassy, calm waters.  We saw albatrosses, dolphins riding our bow waves and penguins.  We continued on towards the Indian Ocean where we stayed for 7 years working and exploring the area.  The monsoon winds enabled us to sail one season east and another season west, thus, we spent many months in Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Burma) and the other months in the Maldives, Chagos Archipelago, and Seychelles.  I continued sketching and making prints on the boat and wherever we lived.  

I now live on Pender Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I have been exploring the local area as well as continuing to print from past sketches. Living once again in an environmentally stable atmosphere, I am working with wood again and exploring other printing techniques.

Each print is hand printed on acid free paper, signed and numbered according to it’s place in the edition.  

I like to play around with wire and love hammering and molding it into shapes. I first made wire people and then started making earrings. I like to use natural materials and stones in my designs.